Net+ Virtual MasterCard 2017

Are you a blogger, freelancer or an affiliate marketer?. Want to pay online, send money or get paid from any sites, avoid traditional method, Neteller will gives you an opportunity for making fast, simple and secure online payment. Maximum developing countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan where PayPal is unsupported and getting credit card from local bank is very hard for small business. We know that without credit card it might be  bit difficult for you to make online payment solution.

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Neteller makes it easier to get paid and send money online where MasterCard is accept. More than 150+ countries worldwide receive Neteller service for online payment solution. Thousands of merchant account used Neteller for handle money transfer safely and securely. It offers a Free Neteller Prepaid MasterCard, you can used it on MasterCard supported ATM booths worldwide.

In this article, i will be sharing how to get a free Neteller MasterCard.


Neteller MasterCard is a prepaid card, you can use it as a prepaid debit or credit card where MasterCard is allowed. It’s highly popular for it’s eWallet service. Also you can withdraw money from your local bank and any ATM in worldwide that contains MasterCard logo.


There are more benefits to use Neteller MasterCard, i want to tell you some amazing advantage of having Neteller MasterCard.

1. Without having bank account, you can get a free MasterCard.

2. You can withdraw money via Neteller card from your local ATM.

3. You can get payments from freelancing sites and various affiliate sites where MasterCard is accepted.

4. You will be avail to purchase for online shopping where credit card is accepted.

5. You can apply for Free virtual MasterCard and use it for online payments.

6. Specially make payments for Odesk, Elance, Freelancer sites also Verify your PayPal via Neteller MasterCard.

7. Use this card for Facebook, Google Adwords and various ad networking sites also make payment to register and renew  your domain and hosting.

8. Make money through it’s affiliate and ‘Refer a Friend’ program


It’s very easy to Sign Up for Neteller MasterCard. You can Sign Up simply by

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Register by following this link. Join for free to get 20% referral commission.


Get Started- provide your email address, residence, Region and currency here, Click continue for next step.

Neteller -mastercard

Step 2:

Details- Here fill all the  information about you details here, fill carefully and save all the information.

Step 3:

Confirmation- Confirm your all information here,  review all info and save before go ahead.

That’s all! Now you need to rest, just follow the email instruction.


Neteller offers three types of MasterCard such as Net+ Prepaid MasterCard , Net+ Prepaid Virtual Card and Net+ Virtual Gift Card.

Net+ Prepaid MasterCard: Net+ Prepaid MasterCard offers you a Plastic Net+ Card to give you an extra level of your security and convenience anytime you need to pay.

You will get instant access to your deposit whether you’re online or in a shop.  You can withdraw money from ATMs worldwide where MasterCard is accepted.

When you apply for this card put $13 for shipping and handling fee, just for one time.No monthly or dormancy fees for Card after getting or using MasterCard . To apply for Net+ prepaid MasterCard, Login your Neteller account Click on Net+Cards then Net+ Prepaid MasterCard


Net+ Virtual Prepaid MasterCard: Net+ Virtual Prepaid MasterCard is same as Net+ Prepaid MasterCard, just it’s virtual card. For online purchase whether MasterCard is accepted, you are eligible to punch this virtual card.

You can register and renew your Domain and Hosting via Net+ Prepaid Virtual Card. Not only that but also you can run Facebook and Google Adword ads to grow your business. I love this card 🙂 . Apply for  Net+ Virtual Prepaid MasterCard from Net+ Cards.

My Neteller virtual credit card

My Neteller virtual credit card

Net+ Virtual Gift Card: To give a surprise gift for your friends and family, Net+ Virtual Gift Card is perfect for best gift solution. When you verified your identity you are eligible to create a Net+ Virtual Gift Card.

My Neteller Transaction History:  Already i paid my Domain and Hosting bill to ipage, GoDaddy, 1 and 1 also i purchase WordPress Truepixel  them from Mythemeshop.  Here’s the proof-


story Via Neteller MasterCard